Cluster I: Architecture / Civil Engineering / Fire Safety Engineering

Department of Architecture and Urban Planning (EA01)

Department of Structural Engineering and Building Materials (EA14)

Department of Civil Engineering (EA15)

Cluster II: Electrical Engineering / Computer Science Engineering / Bioinformatics / Engineering Physics / Photonics / Biomedical Engineering / Nuclear Fusion

Department of Information Technology (EA05)

Department of Electronics and Information Systems (EA06)

Department of Telecommunications and Information Processing (EA07)

Department of Applied Physics (EA17)

Cluster III: Electromechanical Engineering / Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Department of Electromechanical, Systems and Metal Engineering (EA08)

Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Product Design (EA18)

Cluster IV: Chemical Engineering / Sustainable Materials Engineering / Textile Engineering

Department of Materials, Textiles and Chemical Engineering (EA11)